Yang Guifei Mask Pack – Four Beauties [REVIEW]

Hello again, everyone! Today I’m going to write a review about sheet mask! Yes, I’m a big fan of this kind of skin care, since I don’t need to mix it with water or wash my face after using the sheet mask :q (such a lazy girl, lol).

The sheet mask I’m going to review is sheet mask from Four Beauties. If you haven’t heard yet, Four Beauties is the premium Korean brand. Not just a common Korean Brand, Four Beauties also display the Korean Ladies wearing Han Bok at the packaging.


Actually Four Beauties has 4 variant Mask Pack with different benefits. There are,

  • Yang Guifei, moisturizing your skin face, leaving skin soft and supple
  • Xi Shi Mung Bean, soothe and freshen up stressed-out skin
  • Wang Zhaojun, for anti aging, can keep your skin look young and firm
  • Diaochan Paper Mulberry, whitening your skin face.

The one that I’ve got from Charis is the Yang Guifei one. If you have any interest to buy, you can buy it on,

Brand : 
Four Beauties
Product Name : 
Yang Guifei
Website : 
Where to Buy : 
Price : 
Volume : 
1 box (10 pcs)

As I told you before, the packaging have traditional look because of the lady wearing Han Bok. I don’t know why, but I am the person who like the packaging with doff finished. It looks more cool than the glossy one, and of course this mask pack has a doff finished.


Yang Guifei Mask Pack contains collagen and elastin which could boost skin elasticity, and also contains Tremella fuciformis, also known as snow mushroom. Snow mushrooms are amazingly hydrating, drawing and locking water into the skin, no wonder that this mushroom become the main ingredients of this mask.

The sheet mask itself is made from a really great cellulose. I once quite surprised beacuse of the sheet mask. It’s quite thick but doen’t feel heavy when I used it. I still can do some activities while using this sheet mask. And also it fits perfectly on my face.

The sheet’s texture

Not only the very comfortable sheet mask, but also the essence itself has a cooling effects once I put it on my face. I know that cooling effects can appear depends on the ingredients (so some sheet mask need to put on refrigator if you still wants the cooling effects), but I actually like the sheet mask which could give the cooling effects eventhough I don’t put it on refrigerator.

The Result? Yes, I feel like my skin more moisturize, supple and super elastic. I really hate dryness skin, and this sheet mask can moisturize my face for 2-3 days after the use. And I really really recommend this product to you who want to have a better skin.

Well, that’s my short review, thank you for reading my blog!


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